Shirt printing in Los Angeles with no minimum

So the New Year is coming and one of your resolutions is to make your company’s marketing and advertising more efficient. Let’s say one branch of that is to encourage word of mouth, because it’s free of course. But how do you get people to talk about your business if it’s a little unexciting? A great way is Shirt printing in Los Angeles with no minimum. But I’m not talking about just your logo. No, that’s boring and no one will even notice it. I’m talking about something colorful and eye-catching. Print a conversation-starter that people will want to wear to more places than just the gym.

Fun Shirt Printing Ideas

Shirt printing in Los Angeles with no minimumFor example, if your company, non-profit organization or campaign committee prints shirts every year to giveaway or to sell for fundraising, you probably get them screen printed because it’s cheap. You slap on your logo and slogan in one or two colors (because they charge extra for each color) on hundreds of shirts. While people may still wear them, they’re certainly not going to get people talking about your organization. On the other hand, if you print a fun photo of your team or a creative, colorful graphic that represents your motto, when people see your shirt you’ll get them saying, “Oh that’s cool, who is [your company name]?” And there ya go, people are talking about you and serving as your walking billboards.

Client Retention Benefits

Or maybe you’ve had a tough time with client retention. Shirts make great giveaways for your top clients or as prizes when you hold competitions or post them on social media, like Selfie Saturday, where your clients post pictures of themselves in the shirt you gave/sold to them. These are great ways to encourage customer participation and satisfaction.

Digital Printing vs. Screen Printing

business polos and shirtsYou might ask, “But how am I going to print a photo or colorful graphic if they charge for every color I use?” Well, those fees are only for screen printing. And because of the process, screen printers charge setup fees and they have minimum orders as well. You need full color custom shirt printing in LA! Let me introduce you to Splash the Ink. We are not screen printers. We do Digital Direct to Garment Printing, which uses a fairly new technology that prints in full color, high resolution graphics right onto the shirt.

Think of it as a giant desktop printer (weighing in at 250 lbs) but designed just for apparel. Basically, you design your image in Photoshop, or import a logo/graphic/photo, upload it to the printer, stick the shirt in and press print. Using certified safe, water-based inks, the thousands of print heads print flawless high-resolution designs directly on your shirt. Then we heat press it for 30 seconds at 360 degrees and voilà! Your shirts are ready to be shown off.

Shirt printing in Los Angeles with no minimum

So next time you’re searching Google for no minimum order shirt printing in Los Angeles, click on Splash the Ink and start your order! We can print anywhere from one to one thousand shirts. And as always, the more you order, the lower the cost per shirt is, bringing them down to wholesale prices.

Since we’re not a huge company, you talk to the same person every time you call, instead of getting transferred around to different departments and put on hold. On most days your order can be completed within 3-4 business days. And if you work Monday through Friday, it’s no problem, since we’re open on Saturdays too. If you want more options, we can print on hoodies, polo shirts, tote bags, long sleeves, and wooden plaques. We’re your one-stop shop for your business promotional and marketing needs, and we’re happy to serve you!

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