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Yelp review from happy customerDo you need a rush order shirt printed? I’ve heard my customers say so many times that they called and emailed up to ten different print shops in Los Angeles, CA, but half of them never answered their call or replied to their email and the other half took over a day to get back to them, or transferred them around to different people to get their questions answered. If you’re in a hurry, you want to talk to someone right now. You can’t wait for all the mumbo jumbo.

My experience with print shops in los angeles, ca

After ordering shirts myself, prior to running a print shop, I know how frustrating it can be to not have the possibility to have shirts printed the next day. I feel great when clients are so excited when I tell them that their order can not only be ready the next day, but that I can print it that very same day and they can pick them up that afternoon (of course this depends on the size of the order). Making things easy for clients is my number one priority… after the quality of the shirts, that is. And you can tell by our awesome Yelp reviews!

los angeles print shops

Sometimes getting a t-shirt design quote can be misleading and incomplete, not to mention take forever, if ever, to get to you. However, Splash the Ink guarantees to respond to emails and calls within the hour, and most of the time immediately.

Do you have ideas of a design you want printed but don’t know how to do it yourself and don’t want to pay the hefty graphic design fees that other companies charge? Splash the Ink offers the first 30 minutes of design for free, which is all it takes for the majority of them. After the first 30 minutes, the rates are less than half of the competitors – $40/hr. And it’s free graphic design for orders of 40 shirts or more.

Let us be your number one digital shirt printer in Los Angeles, CA. The quality and sharpness of the print is incomparable to any other type of printing, and light-years ahead of screen-printing. Eventually we’ll have an embroidery machine, and expand to do other products, like cups as well. But first we plan on taking over LA’s shirts first!

Print Shops in Los Angeles, CASo this New Year, update your company’s look with the highest quality shirts, polos, and even wooden plaques with your company logo printed on it. If you have a very specific, more rare style of apparel you’d like to print on, we work with four different wholesalers that have everything under the sun that you can chose from. You tell us what you want, we order it, print it, and viola!

Our print shop is in Los Angeles and is open Tuesday through Saturday, 8am to 5pm, and we’re located just North of Culver City off of Venice and Overland. Call us directly at (559) 334-7533 or email

Zip codes we serve: You can really come from anywhere if you want us to print a shirt for you. And if you can’t pick it up, we’ll ship it to you. But here are the zip codes that are right around the corner from us:

90034, 90064, 90232, 90016, 90025, 90404, 90405, 90035, 90036, 90212, 90211, 90048, 90024, 90008, 90210, 90049, 90077, 90272, 90028, 90066.


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