Custom Tshirt Printing Company Launches T-shirt Line

custom tshirt printingSo you ordered some custom tshirts from Splash the Ink with your logo on them for your company and your employees and clients love them. But now it’s your daughter’s birthday and you want to print her a shirt. She loves puppies but you don’t have any Photoshop skills to design anything and don’t want to pay for a graphic artist. Not to mention having to wait around for the graphic to be done, and for all of the revisions.

Custom Tshirt printing the next day!

Then you stumble upon Splash the Ink’s Etsy page, which has a variety of shirts and totes designed by Lexi, the owner of Splash the Ink. You call Lexi and say you like two of them, but you want to add your daughter’s name and replace the photo of the dog with a photo of your daughter’s puppy. Lexi says no problem and she can have the shirt ready by tomorrow. What? Tomorrow?
funny cancer shirtsIt’s that simple. You can buy the shirts as-is on Etsy, or use them as templates and tell Lexi how you want them customized. There’s no steep graphic artist fee, no waiting around, no setup fees, and best of all, you get a full color shirt customized exactly how you want it. Your daughter will be thrilled. The only downside is you probably won’t get her to wear anything else for the next week. So at the price that you paid, you decide to order two or three shirts.

When you’re going through Lexi’s designs, you notice she has comical shirts for cancer patients. Hm, your sister has breast cancer and you’ve been thinking about getting her a gift, but you never thought of getting her a shirt. But now that you see these, and they make you laugh, you once again call Lexi and ask her to customize one of the tanks, a hoodie, and a tote bag, all with different designs.

Custom Political Tshirts

funny political shirtsThen you notice all the shirts with political humor on them. Wow, these are some funny shirts, and they match your politics. These don’t need customization, so you just add a few of those to your tab and pick them up with the rest of your order. Now you look forward to sporting these shirts when you go play golf with your friends, since you know they’ll get a kick out of them.

Subcontract your tshirt shop and save $

Artists can also contract with Splash the Ink to print their orders. If you are planning on selling apparel, tote bags, pillow cases or wood plaques with your art on it, tell Lexi how many you’ll be ordering and she’ll print them for you at wholesale prices. Depending on the style of the art, art on t-shirts often sell better than art on canvas at farmers markets and expos because people can get more use out of them and show them off.

If you have an Etsy store and are thinking about adding shirts to it, you can order small batches from Splash the Ink, instead of being required to order huge batches from screen printers. Splash the Ink continues to push the boundaries for digital printing and customization, making it easier for your to order amazing custom t-shirts in West Los Angeles.

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