Custom Shirt Printing Industry Trends

Cusotm Family ShirtsCreative shirt printing for familiesMaybe it’s just a Los Angeles thing, but something I’ve been seeing over and over in the past six months is creative, custom shirt printing for gifts. These colorful masterpieces have ranged from cutesy to crude, laced with inside jokes and funny photos. Simple as it may seem, they’ve been a big hit, causing my clients to come back for more. Occasions that call for the custom shirts have ranged from Halloween costumes, baby-on-the-way reveals, surprise birthday parties and family photo shoots.

Custom Shirt Printing Ideas for the Family

The later is usually a more simple design, like this one on the left. The Tracy family (not the actual family in the photo) ordered shirts to be made for Christmas so they could have a family photo taken with everyone in matching shirts, right down to the babies. Another family was the Scott Family, who created their own design with an inside story as to why “Scott” is in green and why they added, “You wouldn’t understand.” Shirts with crazy family photos on the front have also been ordered.

Custom shirt printing for birthdaysAnother popular idea is shirt printing for birthday gifts. I see many moms ordering shirts for their kids’ birthdays with their favorite action figure or cartoon character on the front. Then there’s the famous surprise birthday party shirt, which I’ve seen the most often. Here’s an example of one, where the birthday boy’s girlfriend threw a surprise 30th birthday party for him and printed a custom shirt with his dream car on the front, which he had recently bought and “Making 30 look good” on the back.

Custom shirt printing baby shirtsCustom shirt printing for babies
 are growing in popularity as well. These four baby onesies were given as a birthday gift to a mom and dad who own a gym, and the blue fire symbol is part of their logo. There have also been orders of baby shirts with sayings like, “Mommy’s girl” on the front, others with the logo of Dad’s favorite football team with “Future #1 Fan” under it, as well as baby shirts with photos of the family or pets on them. custom shirt printing for fundraisingAnd last but not least, the custom shirt idea that has the most repeat customers is for cancer walks and runs. These custom fundraising shirts are ordered as gifts for the cancer patient or survivor for a group of people to wear matching shirts with the person’s name on the back to honor them as the one their fundraising for.

So the moral of the story is, if you want to get someone a gift that they’ll be able to cherish for a long time, make it personal and design something creative that they’ll want to show off. Or give us an idea and we’ll design it for you. There are no minimum orders or setup fees.

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